Our research & development laboratory was established in 2015 and since then we have been supporting our clients and partners by conducting research on implemented projects. We support the creation of the strong brands of our clients thanks to the analysis of the company’s technological development. Research work carried out in the laboratory allows the creation and commercialization of innovative technological projects.

The innovation incubator

We do not only create solutions for existing problems, but also thanks to the interdisciplinary team, we create trends and market demands. We are already developing products and solutions that will be needed in the future. Our laboratory acts as an incubator of innovation – thanks to our experience and the study of trends in the electronics, IT and ICT market, we can support companies that work on new tools, start-up businesses and growing enterprises.

Scope of services:

→ root cause analysis
→ preparation of the technical documentation
→ preparation of the PoC, laboratory, test and demo prototypes
→ preparation of the production documentation