Aside from conducting research, BoBsoN research & development laboratory specializes in designing electronic and electrical devices. We are prepared to create systems and devices for various clients starting with industry, through medicine, real estate and technology companies. What distinguishes us among others is the attention to detail and aesthetics. We focus on the reliability of the final device which is guaranteed by numerous tests in various conditions. We are making use of the most modern technologies and take into consideration European standards.

End-to-end process

We are responsible for the entire design process: from the concept itself, through the development of diagrams, project preparation, assembly and launch of the prototypes, development of the software for microcontrollers for the purpose of the created prototype, to the preparation of the documents required for the production and also its subsequent supervision.We have an experienced team of engineers and programmers as well as hardware and software necessary to carry out projects and prototypes. We focus on optimizing the production costs and take into account modern technologies and the availability of used components.

Design services include:

→ development and optimization of electronic circuits
→ device programming
→ testing the functionality of the solution in terms of reliability and performance
→ execution and testing of the device’s prototype
→ preparation of technical documentation required to start production