about us
BoBsoN is a provider of a number of products and services on the Polish and foreign IT market since 1999. The company was founded by Robert Partyka – programmer, lecturer and the current vice-president of the Polish Group of Linux Users. In our work we follow the Open Source concepts, for many years we have also been cooperating with the FLOSS environment. It is our specialty to deliver solutions, that are prepared to meet our customers specific needs, by adjusting existing technologies to fulfill their unique requirements.

Research & development laboratory

In 2015, we opened the first research & development laboratory which enabled us to offer a range of services for the technological support of your business. Our team of specialists in the field of electronic and computer engineering together with the programmers will deal with the entire process of analysis and examination of the problem, preparation of the technical documentation and the PoC prototypes, laboratory work, testing of the prototypes and the preparation of production documentation.

At the beginning of 2017 we entered into a close cooperation with Veotech general partnership thanks to which we are able to provide our clients with constant IT services, IT outsourcing, branding and marketing services, as well as a wide range of training in the field of IT, programming, research, development, marketing and public relations.

BoBsoN company is:

→ integrated research & development laboratory
→ interdisciplinary staff and specialists in the field of programming, electronics, system administration and marketing
→ office on the premises of The Porcelain Factory – one of the most developmental areas in Silesia
→ open space based offices and laboratory