BoBsoN company is almost 20 years of programming experience supported by a number of satisfied clients. Programming is our passion. As part of the programming services we have completed dozens of orders – from the smallest dedicated applications to multi-month projects for larger contractors.

Custom apps

Thanks to the implementation of many projects for various industries, we can offer tailor-made solutions. We offer dedicated software and implementation of ready-made solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. Our solutions are safe and functional, and experience allows to create desktop, as well as web and mobile application which serve multiple platforms.

The BoBsoN programming department is:

→ nearly 20 years of experience
→ ergonomic solutions
→ cost transparency
→ solutions written for the specification provided by the client
→ preparing the functional and technical documentation to meet the requirements of the customer
→ reliability and safety – thanks to the tests at every single stage of production
→ one-year warranty period and post-warranty support
→ support based on individual SLA for the entire life of the product
→ support in implementation→ quick valuation